New Capstone, Inc.
New Capstone, Inc.

Public health in 2020 and beyond


It’s 2020 and the demand for public health advocacy is ever greater than before. What we eat, what we drink, and how we move is, to a great degree, what determines our health. When cardiovascular disease and diabetes, not plague nor catastrophe, is burdening our nations with the Great Weight of Care, lifestyle and personal choice are front and center to be influenced.

Dr. Carolyn Dean has had the vision and the fortitude to anticipate health trends and meet the public at that changing tide to inform them of their risk and the power of their choice. Armed with a great treasury of safe and affordable options, Dr. Dean is an advocate for lifestyle modification and healthy choices including dietary supplementation when necessary. 

But the challenge to improve public health involves everyone. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Carolyn Dean, New Capstone’s broad perspective creates collaborations between research and policy makers to influence outcomes as well.